Please tell me I'm not the only mum who reads her childcare bill and has a brain explosion? I've been doing this childcare caper for six years now and I'm still no clearer. I wrote about my confusion for the Family Matters Page, which appears every Wednesday in the Gold Coast Bulletin. This is what I wrote. I’ve just opened my quarterly child care rebate statement and the … [Read more...]

I survived bootcamp with the Commando

Read about my encounter with Commando Steve in full here. Let's overlook the very unflattering image shall we? He's offering another bootcamp at Binna Burra in October but for me the memories are still too vivid. You might want to go though - all the details are here. … [Read more...]

No Excuses!

Me and the Commando just hanging out

WELL I survived my three-day bootcamp with Commando Steve of The Biggest Loser Fame. It was hard, tougher than anything I've ever encountered ... but that's not really saying much. I was one of the least fit people on the bootcamp and it showed - both on the wasitline and on the stopwatch. But hey at least I was there. Didn't die, although there were times I thought I … [Read more...]

iPhone no problem when you’re 4

I finally joined the modern era and took delivery of an iPhone this week. It's beautiful, shiny and very trendy-looking. But beyond that I really couldn't tell you much about it. It came with very sparse instructions and no phone support- just a website with helpful set-up tips. I started to panic, but of course I needn't have bothered - help was at hand - in the form of … [Read more...]