iPhone no problem when you’re 4

I finally joined the modern era and took delivery of an iPhone this week. It’s beautiful, shiny and very trendy-looking.

But beyond that I really couldn’t tell you much about it. It came with very sparse instructions and no phone support- just a website with helpful set-up tips.

I started to panic, but of course I needn’t have bothered – help was at hand – in the form of my four-year-old.

‘Cool you’ve got an iPhone mum,’ he said when I picked him up from Kindy today. ‘What games have you got?’

Uhh, I don’t know?!

‘Here mum let me have a look.’ And before you could say ‘iPhones are really cool’ Baby Bean had my iPhone and was scrolling through the menu to see what was on offer.

‘You’ll have to get dad to download some games mum, there’s nothing here,’ he declared.

‘What music do you have?’

Uhh, I don’t know?!!

‘Just press the button which says iPod and it will come up,’ he advised.

What the? This boy can’t read, can just write his name, yet thinks nothing of navigating his way through a fairly involved computer device which frankly had me scratching my head the first time I tried to use it.

Welcome to the brave new world. If this is what he’s capable of at four, what can I expect from him at 24?


Postcript: We have games. In some sort of modern-world family bonding session we all sat on the counch last night and shopped the App Store. There’s something on my phone for everyone – Sing-a-long, interactive Wheels on the Bus clip for the two-year-old, motorbikes and fast cars for my husband … uh I mean the 4-year-old, Scrabble and Deal or No Deal for me and a direct link to the Bureau of Meteorology for Mr Bean. I can feel an addiction coming on.

  • Alison

    Yes technology is just a play thing for kids now! My now 4 year old has been able to navigate the cartoon network website with no problems for about 6 months now. He can’t read but he knows the ‘play’ button and ‘çontinue’ button by association and has no problem playing computer games and using the mouse/keyboard!

  • Karen Blaik

    Oh Alice, I think you need to come spend some time with the girls and I! Believe it or not there is actually some girlie ‘apps’ too!

    • http://www.gormanmedia.com.au Alice

      I can see that apps are going to become my new past-time. We had a great time discovering lots of bizarre things. Found one which shows what you’ll look like in the years to come, not pretty.