Man messages are all-revealing

Once a week I sit down and take a stroll through my husband’s mobile phone messages.

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to catch him out. I promise I’m not a crazy, jealous wife.

My mobile investigations are a journey of discovery.

You see my husband – like many others – ain’t great on the communication front.

My ‘How was your day dear?’ is usually met with his tired, ‘Not bad’. End of communication.

Extracting information deeper than this requires much interrogation on my part.

Lucky for me – and possibly not for him – I’m a journalist and I love to ask questions.

Sometimes though it’s just easier to book a date with his mobile and get the full story in pictures.

Mr Bean and his farmer friends have taken to the SMART phone like a rabbit to carrots.

They have apps for wind direction, apps for weather, apps for moisture, direction, tractor navigation, cattle counts and more.

But possibly the most used function on the mobile is the camera.

They send pictures of crops in the ground, tractors at work, harvested product and many other scenes of beauty from their farms.

I love trawling through these images to get a real sense of what’s going on in my husband’s world.

Here’s a couple of recent pictures.

Linton sent this to Mr Bean just to show him how the planting was ground prep was going. It’s been so wet here lately that ground prep and planting schedules have gone out the window. Thankfully the sun has returned and the ground is drying out. I’m also thankful that the sun seems to have restored some positive vibes to our husbands!

View from the tractor cab

This picture shows the sorry state of local racecars. Hot Stuff is jointly owned by Mr Bean and his mate Goose. It’s their racing pride and joy. Don’t worry, I don’t get it either. They race the cars around a farm rally track, which was inundated with water during the Australia Day floods. Someone sent Mr Bean this pic to show the damage. The cars filled with soil and have started sprouting weeds. Nothing a bit of Round Up won’t fix. Do you think Mark Webber has similar problems?

Race to nowhere