Michelle, the Achacha and me


Last night I tried a new fruit. For the first time in my 38 years I ate a pomegranate. What have I been doing with my life, I wondered as I crunched into the sweet but sour beads of yumminess.

When it comes to food it’s so easy to become trapped into the ‘same old same old’ routine. Sausages and salad Monday night, grilled chicken and veggies Tuesday night, Mexican Wednesday, Fish Thursday and takeaway Friday night.


Yesterday was day one of my three-month adventure with the lovely Michelle Bridges. In an attempt to lose some baby weight – my ‘baby’ turns 6 on Saturday so it’s probably about time I stopped using him as an excuse for my growing girth – I have joined the in-crowd and have signed up for the 12 Week Body Transformation. Mish (we’re good friends now) says an important part of the transformation is to own the experience and announce to friends and family that you’re on a weight loss journey. So here it is my big announcement. If you see me munching on a bit of cake or eyeing off the hot chips feel free to encourage me to ‘back away from the fat and choose fruit’.

But I digress. Granted it’s only been one day, but I can see that over the next three months my boring old eating routine is going to be blown out of the water. Last night I rustled up a lovely pumpkin, eggplant and pomegranate salad with grilled lamb. Who knew I had such capabilities in the kitchen?

I really can’t believe I’ve waited so long to try pomegranate – it really is delicious.

Another fruit I’m itching to try is the Achacha. No it’s not a new fangled kind of dance. It’s a Bolivian fruit which is being grown on a farm near Townsville.


I recently interviewed Helen Hill, who with her husband, are behind the Achacha’s arrival to Australia. It’s funny the adventures life presents when you’re open to them. Helen and Bruce had no previous farming experience but they didn’t let that stop them. Helen says the achacha is a low-kilojoule, low-sugar fruit that’s a close cousin to the mangosteen. It’s from the Garcinia family and its Bolivian name translates to honey kiss.  Achacha is in season from December to March.


Find out more on the website. Read about Helen and Bruce’s Achacha adventure below.

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The Sunday Mail (Queensland)
Nov 3 2013