Only in the country

You know you’re in the country when you’re asked to write a story about award-winning sausages.

Since having kids I’ve come to revere and admire the humble snag … it’s been a lifesaver to me many a night as the clock strikes 5pm, the kids are screaming and I’m thinking ‘What the F*&^%$3 do I give them for dinner’.

One of the local butchers out this way has just been awarded the regional Sausage King title for his beef sausages. Gary Middlebrook of Elite Meats in Boonah picked up the Sausage King titles for his beef snags, as well as for his barbecued chicken and chive sausages. he was runner-up in the gourmet category. Now he goes on to contest the state title at the EKKA. He says traditional butchering methods combined with good-quality, low fat meat is the key to a great sausage.

His hams are award-winning too. He reckons you’re either a bulk butcher or a quality butcher. Gary and his sausages are all quality … we’re big fans.