Power of the mind: Rob and Sarah Cook find a way to keep on farming

Rob and Sarah CookIn my 20 years as a journalist I’ve met and interviewed some incredible people. Every now and then someone comes along whose story and attitude to life leaves an indelible mark.

Rob Cook is one of those people.

Rob was born and bred on the land. He lives for farming. Rob was left a quadriplegic when the helicopter he was passenger in crashed. Doctors told him to find a new life, off the land, away from the family’s Suplejack Downs Station in the Northern Territory.

Doctors and insurance specialists soon discovered Rob isn’t a man to give up on his dreams. He told me, he doesn’t want his young sons to learn that when life gets hard you give up.

So rather than opt for a simpler life in town, away from the cattle he loves, Rob and his wife Sarah searched out ways to make farm life work for them.

They moved to a smaller farm in Bucca, near Bundaberg Queensland and with the help of friends and machinery companies they have automated and converted their operation so that Rob can remain a vital part of the business. Rob reckons he’s farming smarter now than he did before the accident.

I wrote about Rob and Sarah’s achievements in my Sunday Mail Ask a Farmer column on the weekend and shared a photograph of Rob leading his sons on horseback on Facebook. What a response the story received.

Rob’s attitude to life certainly made me stop and think about life. Success and failure has so much to do with attitude.

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