Revealed! Carrot growing secrets


In the 10 years I’ve been married to a carrot farmer I have lost count of the number of wonky carrot photographs I’ve been sent – unsolicited – from friends and colleagues.

Their motivation is to share photographic evidence of their carrot-growing attempts. Two-headed carrots, wonky carrots, stunted carrots, kissing carrots, spooning carrots – I’ve seen them all.

Invariably the conversation turns to the question – Why won’t my carrots grow straight?

Apparently it’s all to do with the soil prep because the length of your carrot is determined in the first days of the seed being in the ground. If your soil is too clumpy, lumpy and hard the carrot root won’t get far and you’ll be left with a misshapen carrot.

SO to all those people who over the years have sent me photos of their attempts I have some news for you.

Join us on Saturday July 5 for our third annual Kalfresh Carrot Field Day.

You’ll be able to meet the Kalfresh farmers, get tips direct from them, sit in the tractors, tour the carrot washing and packing shed AND venture into the paddock to get muddy and pick your own bag of carrots.

This is a fun and informative day out for young and old. Bring the kids and show them where their food comes from.

It’s all part of Scenic Rim Eat Local Week, a week-long celebration of food and farming in our region.

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