Why are our priorities so askew?

carro-de-la-compraDo you ever line up at the supermarket checkout and have a sticky beak at what other people are buying?

I do. All the time.

I also loiter around the fruit and vegetable section, just observing how people go about choosing what they’ll buy. Call it a farmer’s wife occupational hazard.

What often irks me is how much processed, high-sugar, pre-packaged, ‘convenience’ foods make it into the trolley, at the expense of fresh fruit and vegetables. What really riles me is when these same people complain about the high cost of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Are they serious, I wonder as I check out the price of a 24-can slab of Coke, a 12-pack of Vanilla Drumstick ice-creams and the cost of a sugar-laden box of breakfast cereal.

I’ve been grumbling away to myself and my husband for some time now and finally this week decided to put pen to paper (well fingers to keyboard) and write about it … in my weekly column for the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Since the column published in the paper and online I’ve been very happy to hear from loads of people who feel exactly as I do.

One reader wrote to me to say this:

‘We sell products (dairy not fruit) at Farmers Markets all around Brisbane on the weekends, and lately these markets have become nothing more than breakfast clubs, where young families don’t think twice about spending $50 for breakfast, then they say our products should be much cheaper because we don’t have to pay high rents like the shops,  or “why can’t we stay open until 1 or 2 pm so they can come for lunch.” We got up at 1.30am why not stay a little longer !!!!!!

‘Give me strength, that $50 could feed their family for a week with fresh vegetables and fruit and they have just bought the latest fad breakfast while discussing the loss of their family tax benefit B.’

Other readers agreed that if people can afford a regular cup of takeaway coffee then they can also afford to give their kids fresh fruit and vegetables.

I don’t know whey we’re so fixated on the price of fruit and veg when most of us would be hard pressed to price a Mars Bar, a packet of chips or a can of soft drink.

As I say in the column, my weekly budget is not being blown out by the cost of lettuce.

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