Coles, Curtis and me … heaven

Mr Bean and I had a bit of a lover’s tiff the other night. He’s a sensitive soul is Mr Bean.

There we were lazing about on the couch (as we do most nights) watching tele when on came one of those great new Coles ads.

You know the ones they’re all about cooking dinner for $10, the ones that feature Curtis Stone (sigh!).

I mentioned, just casually you know, how I’d cook dinner for $10 every day if Curtis was there to help. I might also have said something like, ‘Jeez forget about the recipes just give me Curtis’.

My husband didn’t like that. He took it personally (being a SNAG and all). He muttered something about how he regularly was left to cook dinner due to my domestic inadequacies and something about how he’d like to see how I went pursuing Curtis. Nasty man.

Of course I’m not actually going to pursue the super-hunky, LA-based chef. I mean like, who’s going to look after the kids, do the washing, pick up the toys and all those other stimulating jobs I do each day?

But a girl’s allowed to dream isn’t she? All I was saying was domestic life would be a bit more enjoyable if Curtis dropped by from time-to-time to help cook dinner. Don’t you think?