All I want for Christmas

My five-year-old has just informed me that for Christmas he wants a new Holden SS Commodore. It’s one of three cars he’s circled in today’s Cars Guide.
Let’s not even begin to analyse the fact that I’ve apparently bred a Hoden-driving revhead. Where did I go wrong?
Whatever happened to realistic expectations? When I was a kid I was happy with one big present (Cabbage Patch Kid, Pogo Stick etc) and a couple of smaller pressies for Christmas – and I’m an only child! Not my son. He’s turned reading the toy catalogues into a full-time passion. It’s my own fault really. I first threw him the K-Mart and Target toy catalogues when he was two, after realizing they were a guaranteed way to secure at least 30 minutes of peace. His consumerism has flourished since then.
Those who know me well – I can hear my husband’s voice now – would argue it’s no surprise that I’ve bred a shopper … I do have a healthy personal spending habit if truth be told.
But seriously, when did five-year-olds start to expect new cars for Christmas?
His latest wish is making his earlier request for the entire Star Wars Lego set seem quite reasonable.