Christmas is coming (as is my meltdown)

keep calm 4Today marks the start of the countdown. Zero days until school holidays for Alex. Seven days until holidays for James. 25 days until Christmas.

It’s meltdown central here – both the boys and me. Tiredness is to blame. As is sugar (not to parents: NO MORE CANDY CANES). And scheduling.

I am turning into a scheduling ninja as I try to co-ordinate pesky old work with providing a fulfilling and interesting holiday program for my boys.

Movies, christmas craft workshops, theatre outings, holiday care and pool days are being fitted in around my interviews, writing days and the chores from my ‘other’ job as housekeeper extraordinaire.

My head feels like it could explode but I just keep thinking, ‘three weeks until holidays, three weeks until holidays.’

I know I’m not alone. Working parents everywhere are wondering how they will co-ordinate holidaying children and work.

It’s not until you have children that you realise how hopeless four weeks annual leave is.

It’s tempting not to work but then I wouldn’t be able to afford the extensive list of toys my sons declare they NEED. Definition of need: a requirement, obligation; lack of something wanted or deemed necessary; urgent want, as of something requisite.

I’m waging an internal battle with myself as I contemplate adding more ‘stuff’ to a house already brimming with ‘stuff’. It feels criminal to buy the boys more toys when they already have so many. If we add any more LEGO to our collection the good people at the Danish plastic company are going to offer us shares.

Nerf Guns, Mobilo, Hot Wheels … we have it all.

Alex will be in heaven if he can add to his Pokemon collection. The boys is obsessed by the colourful swap cards. Will not shut up about them. It’s a bit like his father and carrots.

My new year’s resolution will be to ban the P and the C words from our home. Wish me luck.

I wrote about my sons’ Christmas wish list in this week’s Gold Coast Bulletin. Link is below.


The Gold Coast Bulletin
Nov 27 2013

  • A Farmer’s Wife

    It is ridiculous isn’t it? I have tried to keep our present buying to stuff that the kids really need. Obviously failed as this has turned into a telescope for my 8 year old son and a Barbie houe for my 6 year old daughter!

    So busy here – bringing in our grain harvest and it is all just full on.