G20. Enough already.

resizeSurely I’m not the only Queenslander suffering from G20 overload?

The security fences have gone up around Brisbane’s ‘red zone’ and the foreign leaders have started to arrive.

I enjoyed an interesting conversation with my sons yesterday afternoon about why the Russian leader Vladimir Putin needed to fly in his own convoy of bullet proof cars. Just as I was silently praising myself for raising such interested and aware children my eldest said: ‘Mum, is his name spelled with a B?’

No Alex, it’s a V. Why?

Oh. If it was a B his name would be like BLADDER POOtin!

Boys and toilet humour … gotta love it.

But seriously I have been wondering if the expense ($420m+) and the inconvenience is all worth it. I’d hate to be trying to run a small business in the exclusion zone this week.

I pondered all of this in my Gold Coast Bulletin column.