Say no to painting and play dough

PlaydoughI’m not one of those mums who loves painting and play dough with her children. Nor am I one who savours those looooonnngg hours sitting at the park watching them play.

Sorry, I know it’s not very PC of me to admit this but admit it I will. Tell me I’m not alone in this.

There’s heaps of bits of parenting that I adore. Lots of it makes me laugh, but there’s parts of parenting that are a real bore.

What they don’t tell you in the baby manual is that it is exhausting, stressful and sometimes the rewards are not easy to see.

I wrote about this today for the Gold Coast Bulletin, inspired by new research that reveals childless couples are more happily married than those with kids.

Turns out they actually take the time to TALK (please explain?) and work on keeping the spark alive.

It’s true. Click on the story below to find out more.

The Gold Coast Bulletin
Feb 5 2014