We love you so much we bought you a foot scrubber

images-6Mother’s Day is approaching and in our house that means one thing – me being hit up for cash to buy my present from the school Mum Day stall.

The conversation goes something like this.

Them: Mum we need some money but we can’t tell you why but it’s a good thing.

Me: Go ask your father.

Them: Dad we need some money to buy mum a present from the Mother’s Day stall.

Him: How much do you think she’s worth?

Them: Give us $10 for mum and $5 for the vending machine.

On Tuesday we sent them off with cash burning a hole in their pockets. Alex managed to hustle $15 from his dad, even though the most expensive gift was $8. James had $5.

That afternoon Alex smuggled his stash of presents into the house, telling me: ‘Don’t look, it’s meant to be a surprise.’

All the while leaving a trail of lolly wrappers … the result of his ‘leftover’ money.

James bought his pressie yesterday.

When I collected him from school he grabbed his bag from my hands, pulled the present from within and flung the bag back to me.

“This is your present, ” he said, taking it out of the brown paper bag.

Secret and surprise are words he’s yet to grasp.

“Alex guess what I got mum,” he said loudly.

Umm boys, I’m right here, I reminded them.

James: ‘It’s a business card holder.”

Alex: ‘How much was it.”

Still here boys.

James: $5.

Alex: That much?! Did you see the lollypops and foot scrub. Mum do you like lollypops?

So this Mother’s Day I can say with great certainty I’ll be receiving a card holder, some lollypops and a foot scrubber.

As long as they come with big smoochy hugs from my funny boys I will be very happy.

In return I might deliver a lesson on the art of giving good gifts.