Welcome to the Real World

Attention federal politicians!
I’d just like to say helllloooo from out here in the real world.
You may have heard of it, you may have lived in it once upon a time.
In case you don’t remember much about the real world, I’ll remind you.
Out here we work hard. It’s true, we’re going through some tough times at the moment, many of us in business are struggling.
Business isn’t great, costs are rising, customers are skittish and making ends meet in business and at home is growing harder each day.
Out here in the real world we put our heads down and get on with the job … those of us lucky enough to have kept our jobs. We don’t really have a choice, the bills just keep rolling in.
We work hard, strive to save money and generally we treat our workmates with respect.
Name calling, as I constantly remind my four-year-old, is not nice and we shouldn’t do it.
Nor, I tell him, should we use bad language or speak unkindly about anyone, no matter how much we don’t like them or we disagree with what they’re saying. In our house swear words are punished with the loss of points on the star chart.
So if my four-year-old can grasp these concepts why are you out there in parliamentary nirvana finding the concept so hard?
Why can’t you put your hatred and warped beliefs aside just long enough to do what we elected you to do – run the country.
Tony and co – why can’t you get over the fact you didn’t win the election and focus on being a strong, constructive opposition?
And Julia and team, when are you going to drop the overly rehearsed spiels, the evasive, verbose empty-nothing phrases and stop treating us like we’re morons?
Earth to Labor: Peter Slipper had to go. You can sit there in the rarefied atmosphere of Parliament and try to justify your reasons for protecting him … even after those vile, disgusting and puerile text messages had been made public.
But you know what, you’re not convincing us.
Anthony Albanese wants us to believe Peter Slipper was a good speaker who was concerned with parliamentary reform and proper conduct in Parliament. Yeah right and I’m a supermodel.
Give me a break. Blind Freddy can see the guy came to the job with baggage and that he was only chosen by the ALP in a final desperate attempt to retain voting power.
In the real world we saw him for what he was – yet another self-serving, pompous politician on an annual wage few of us can dream of.
Tanya Plibersek wants us to believe that by condemning Peter’s disgusting text messages she and the Prime Minister have been vindicated. They did what was right and reasonable and the real criminal here is Tony Abbott. Have you heard? He hates women.
In my world a man who thinks it’s okay to send vulgar text messages about female genitalia is the one who has issues with women.
Hello hypocrisy.
Please, I’m begging you, enough of this nonsense. We, the voting public, the mums, dads, the workers, we’re sick of it.
No more twisting words, no more name calling and no more focusing on the trivial.
Where’s the respect? For us … the poor suckers working overtime to pay for your pointless folly.

  • Val

    Presume Slippery Pete wrote all those sickening texts while he was being paid to represent the people. Obviously not enough real work to keep him busy – what a shame he didn’t resign from his MP role too. His constituents must be so very sick of him. Bring on the next Federal election.

  • Gen

    Oops – that should be Here here…I think…

  • Gen

    Hear hear….

  • Wendy

    Alice, you’ve hit the nail on the head! Leave the personal stuff for the sandpit and get back to running the country because it’s falling apart faster than you can say “election”.