Why did I bother?

Do you ever wonder why you bother? I do, all the time. I’m usually struck with this thought around 5pm … dinnertime.

In the hours leading up to feeding time I’ve been slaving over a hot stove, cooking up a delicious and nutritious feast for my little darlings. Actually that’s not entirely true – in the minutes leading up to 5pm I usually can be found sifting through the out-of-date packets in my pantry wondering whether the manufacturers really meant ‘Use by December 2008 when they wrote Use by December 2008’. Surely two minute noodles don’t go off, I think to myself, as I struggle with the daily problem of what to cook for dinner.

On a good day I make something from scratch, using real, fresh ingredients. Spag Bol, tacos and gourmet pizzas are top of my repertoire (so okay I failed home ec what can I say?) You won’t be surprised to read I won’t be featuring in this year’s Masterchef series. On a bad day the boys are served a re-heated, ready-to-go meal with dubious nutritional value. On a really bad day I call Eagleboys. They love these days. Is it bad that my four-year-old knows the Eagleboys phone number by heart? Hmmm don’t answer that.

Guilt got the better of me recently and I made an effort to prepare a delicious and nutritious gourmet pizza, adhering to the Weight Watchers receipe. Fast food done well. I slaved away creating a lovely-looking pizza on a Lebanese bread base. I cunningly sliced zucchini and hid it under the ham and salami. I grated a sneaky serve of carrot and covered it with cheese. Hah, take that my little darlings, don’t like vegetables? You’ll never know.

Should have known the grommets would win the war. Don’t know why I bothered making such an effort. My beautifully decorated pizzas were decimated within minutes of being dished up. The carrot and zucchini were picked of piece by piece. The ham and salami were consumed, as was the cheesy bread. The bits of fresh tomato in the suace were set aside and the boys went on their merry non-vegetable-eating way. Why did I bother?