Sherrill’s breaking down barriers

Sherrill Stivano was raised on a cattle property north of Roma. Agriculture is in her blood and it’s an industry she knows and understands intimately. But while Australian farmers are good at producing healthy, safe food for the nation, Sherrill realised they weren’t so good at communicating what they did and how they did it. In fact their communication skills with the … [Read more...]

Rice just as sweet for cane farmers

When you've been farming a certain crop in a certain way for as long as you can remember, the temptation is to stick with what you know. But like most things in life, nothing in farming stays the same and if farmers are to survive in an increasingly competitive market place they have to consider new crops and new ways of farming. Farming smarter, not harder is the motto … [Read more...]

The power of camel milk

In a world focused on super-cheap cow’s milk it seems unlikely that consumers would choose to pour $30/litre camel milk in their coffee. But Sunshine Coast camel farmer, Lauren Brisbane, says she sells out every week and can’t keep up with demand. Lauren’s Q Camel business received its Safe Food accreditation in November 2014, enabling her to sell pasteurised camel milk … [Read more...]

Power of the mind: Rob and Sarah Cook find a way to keep on farming

In my 20 years as a journalist I've met and interviewed some incredible people. Every now and then someone comes along whose story and attitude to life leaves an indelible mark. Rob Cook is one of those people. Rob was born and bred on the land. He lives for farming. Rob was left a quadriplegic when the helicopter he was passenger in crashed. Doctors told him to find a … [Read more...]

Don’t cry for me

The onion pain is nearly over for another year. Onion farmer's wives the world over (well in the Fassifern and Lockyer Valleys at least) are crying tears of joy that the smelly part of the year is nearly done. Queensland has a short but intensive onion season. This year's season has coincided with hotter-than-usual temperatures, making the hand harvesting even more … [Read more...]