Sherrill’s breaking down barriers

Sherrill Stivano was raised on a cattle property north of Roma. Agriculture is in her blood and it’s an industry she knows and understands intimately. But while Australian farmers are good at producing healthy, safe food for the nation, Sherrill realised they weren’t so good at communicating what they did and how they did it. In fact their communication skills with the … [Read more...]

Live cattle exports explained

The growing divide between city and country is often talked about. It used to be that many of us had a 'country cousin' who provided an insight into the challenges and benefits of life on the land. But over time that connection diminished and some country residents expressed disappointment that their work on the land was taken for granted by those in the city, the very … [Read more...]

How much is ag worth to Australia?

Ever wondered just how much agriculture is worth to Australia? The farmers behind the Facebook page, Ask an Aussie Farmer, have compiled this great one-page guide, which outlines exactly what is at stake. Its release coincides with a number of stories in the mainstream media, calling for Australians to get behind our food producers and buy Australian, where … [Read more...]