Our food future

I'm always banging on about food and where it comes from. Until I met my husband I had no idea how my food was produced and nor did I give it any thought. I just blindly turned up to the supermarket each week and loaded up on my favourites. It's not until you become involved in farming that you realise just how much effort is involved in producing a regular supply of … [Read more...]

Will the CFI make you money? Unlikely

You, like many farmers, might be wondering what the Federal Government's new Carbon Farming Initiative means for you. Will you make money by farming your land?, you're probably wondering. Ahh, sorry, don't start counting your fortunes just yet ... particularly if you are in horticulture. In this week's QLD Country Life I interviewed Agri Science QLD's principal … [Read more...]

The real carbon tax stories

SO the country's in a flap about the carbon tax. Everyone has an opinion and thanks to social media everyone's making their opinion heard. Sometimes I think it'd be nice to return to the good ol' days when the worst an ignorant person could do was write a letter to the editor, which with any luck wouldn't be published. But I digress. Julia and Tony have been tripping about … [Read more...]

What does carbon tax mean for veggie growers?

Wondering what the carbon tax announcement means for vegetable growers?  I've posted the initial response from Ausveg CEO Richard Mulcahy below. Ausveg is the industry's peak lobby group and they say the government believes the public will be willing to pay a bit more for their food if it means a cleaner planet. Ausveg isn't so sure and I tend to agree. Surely the current … [Read more...]