My husband’s in love with a tractor

FOR a vegetable farmer, the only view better than a paddock of healthy carrots is one which includes a tractor. When I lived at Main Beach on the Gold Coast – it seems a lifetime ago – there used to be a fellow who regularly caught my eye. He drove an ageing Ferrari (bright red) and always sought to park the love of his life outside whichever café he was posing at that … [Read more...]

2010 in review

It's fitting that my 2010 year in review is being written on day three of 2011 - it's been that kind of year. Both hectic and challenging, 2010 often left me feeling a few steps behind the pace. We had a stressful start to 2010 when our youngest son, James, then 2, stopped walking. We gained an intimate and forgettable knowledge of the Queensland Health system. … [Read more...]

All I want for Christmas

My five-year-old has just informed me that for Christmas he wants a new Holden SS Commodore. It's one of three cars he's circled in today's Cars Guide. Let's not even begin to analyse the fact that I've apparently bred a Hoden-driving revhead. Where did I go wrong? … [Read more...]

iPhone no problem when you’re 4

I finally joined the modern era and took delivery of an iPhone this week. It's beautiful, shiny and very trendy-looking. But beyond that I really couldn't tell you much about it. It came with very sparse instructions and no phone support- just a website with helpful set-up tips. I started to panic, but of course I needn't have bothered - help was at hand - in the form of … [Read more...]

New Abs Coming My Way or Not

Ab Circle Pro

IT was an inglorious start to the New Year. As always our two little darlings were up before sparrow's - and subsequently so was I. I blame the hour for the absence of my usual good sense and reason. That, and the incredible power of persuasion of the infomercial. Yes, finally after 34 years, I was suckered. … [Read more...]