Woolies farmers take centre stage

Prime Time TV is not the natural habitat for most farmers but Queensland banana farmer Dennis Howe says if it means helping to sell more fresh Australian-grown food he’ll do it. That’s why he agreed to feature in a new farmer-led advertising campaign by Woolworths. Dennis has been farming bananas at Walkamin since 1996. He grew up in the area and was born into farming. His … [Read more...]

Bite into these banana facts

Next time you bite into a banana spare a thought for the farmer who grew it. Banana-growing is a tough gig, particularly as most bananas are grown in a tropical climate, which often means extreme weather. I recently interviewed Stephen Mackay who heads up the family's banana business Mackays. They're based in North Queensland and they grow about 10 per cent of Australia's … [Read more...]

Hello Banana Man, can you hear me?

Our son James is a total character. Here he is on our dining table with the Corn balloon I stole from a produce dinner this week, his goggles and his banana telephone. He's taken to drawing on his face ... I hope it is not a sign of the tattoos to come (over my dead body!!!).   … [Read more...]

Bananas are back!

Sweet, beautiful Aussie bananas are back and they're finally affordable. Aldi is advertising bananas for $2.99/kg this week. To celebrate the return of the banana, the funny people at Australian Bananas have released this mockumentary. Recently I wrote about the high price of bananas and asked the question, why are we so price sensitive when it comes to our fruit and … [Read more...]

Bananas are back, loyalty is lost

BANANA prices are falling – they’re now selling for under $8/kg. You can probably hear the collective sigh of relief being breathed by mums around the country. That school lunch staple is back on the shopping list – Praise be to the Lunchbox God. New research by Nielsen Australia shows that when banana prices soared in the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi, banana household … [Read more...]