Two weeks down, six weeks to go. Surviving school holidays & staying sane

Are we there yet? I have a love-hate relationship with the summer school holidays. In a perfect world I'd have the full eight weeks off work. But the world isn't perfect. Children have something like 12 weeks holidays a year and working people have four weeks ... six if they're lucky. Maths was never my thing but even I know that's a sum that equals chaos, juggling and … [Read more...]

Boys will be boys, parent accordingly

My wardrobe boasts a healthy selection of pink. Pink glasses, pink handbags, pink shoes, pink shirts and pink dresses. Growing up (as far as I can remember) it wasn't that way. I blame my pink phase on my male-dominated household. I'm the only woman in a house of men. Generally survival is simple. Maintain a well-stocked pantry and life is good. But sometimes the … [Read more...]

Say no to painting and play dough

I'm not one of those mums who loves painting and play dough with her children. Nor am I one who savours those looooonnngg hours sitting at the park watching them play. Sorry, I know it's not very PC of me to admit this but admit it I will. Tell me I'm not alone in this. There's heaps of bits of parenting that I adore. Lots of it makes me laugh, but there's parts of … [Read more...]

Is this ‘normal’?

Do you ever worry that your kids aren’t like other people’s. That their behaviour isn’t ‘normal’ ... whatever normal is. I have these thoughts from time to time … usually when I’m in the midst of a particularly gruelling schedule of work, school, homework and extra curricular activities. It's been a bit hairy here over the past week as I've juggled one son at a new … [Read more...]

Parenting boys … it’s not for the faint of heart

I found this photograph on Facebook. As a mother of two boys under six I concur. If you have boys too you will understand. Who knew furniture was for jumping over? That household ornaments were for throwing at each other? And that kitchen utensils were in fact weapons? Those who have been before me say it gets better in the teenage years and that they'd much rather have … [Read more...]