Have a very Aussie Christmas

This Christmas as you shop for your festive feast take the time to read the labels and support Australian farmers. Consider it your gift to the country’s agricultural community. Don’t buy Californian red onions, when Australian onions will do. Stay away from imported ham, seek out Australian-produced pork instead. Ask your butcher – ‘Was this turkey bred in … [Read more...]

Thai pines cheaper than Oz grown

Queensland pineapples are now available, but a large QLD grower says suppliers on the East Coast of Australia can’t compete with Thai imports. Gavin Scurr of Pinata Farms says Thai imports are flooding into Western Australia to fill orders, previously supplied by Queensland producers. He says Perth-based importers have identified the lucrative mining market and are importing … [Read more...]

How much is ag worth to Australia?

Ever wondered just how much agriculture is worth to Australia? The farmers behind the Facebook page, Ask an Aussie Farmer, have compiled this great one-page guide, which outlines exactly what is at stake. Its release coincides with a number of stories in the mainstream media, calling for Australians to get behind our food producers and buy Australian, where … [Read more...]

Why buying Aussie is good for all of us

Over the weekend I read this column on The Punch arguing that a campaign to reject foreign imported food run by a small supermarket chain, Foodland, was 'Hansonite nonsense'. Have a read of the article. Granted the delivery of the Foodland campaign was perhaps questionable, I do believe that the essence of the message is good. Where possible I believe - and hope - customers … [Read more...]