Carrot beer has them hopping

Who says social media can't be positive? It's down to social media that we now have Australia's first batch of carrot beer. Shortly after the Kalfresh Vegetables Carrot Field Day last year, I received a message via social media from Wade Curtis, a craft brewer in Ipswich. Wade had visited Kalfresh and wanted to try making a carrot beer. "Do you think your husband would … [Read more...]

Landline celebrates the mighty carrot

We've just hosted our third Kalfresh Carrot Field Day, an event which started as a bit of experiment to see if carrot eaters were interested in coming to see how the orange veg is grown, picked, washed and packed. The first year we held the open day, as part of our local Council's Eat Local Week activities, we were pleasantly surprised by the turnout. The following year … [Read more...]

Revealed! Carrot growing secrets

In the 10 years I've been married to a carrot farmer I have lost count of the number of wonky carrot photographs I've been sent - unsolicited - from friends and colleagues. Their motivation is to share photographic evidence of their carrot-growing attempts. Two-headed carrots, wonky carrots, stunted carrots, kissing carrots, spooning carrots - I've seen them … [Read more...]

Say Onion! Our love is tear inducing.

Did you hear? Some shops and restaurants are trying to ban customers from taking photos while on site. I sure hope the chainstores don’t try it. I have quite a collection of pix snapped in the fresh veg section of various supermarkets. Some women like to send their husbands saucy 'selfies' of themselves in a state of undress. And let's not mention the State MP who likes … [Read more...]

If I were a carrot …

Have you ever wondered what happens to your food before it reaches your fridge? Or is it just me who does that? A large part of my life is spent writing about the paddock to plate journey and how food and other life essentials make it to us.  It's something we at Kalfresh have been keen to illustrate  so our customers can understand - and hopefully appreciate - what goes … [Read more...]