Stunning & edible

We've recently had a series of photographs taken for a new business website. No words are required, the photos say it all. Thanks to Drew Chislett for these lovely images, he's a man who understands our passion for veg! … [Read more...]

Prices are down. Sales are up.

Have you been buying Coles' super cheap specials? You're not alone. In the week since the Super Specials were introduced, sales have grown by 886pc in some categories, proving that when it comes to our fresh food price - not necessarily quality - is king. Coles Head of Communications, Jon Church, says the campaign was proving popular with customers and had helped to sell … [Read more...]

How NOT to wash carrots

Ever wondered how we wash all of the carrots? You'll be happy to hear it's not like this. (Warning: Contains some nudity and a very loud 3-year-old) … [Read more...]

All hail the carrot

It's lovely when someone else pay's attention to the thing you're really passionate about ... in our house it's vegetables. We have to keep our passion and enthusiasm for fresh produce in check and ensure we don't rave like people possessed. So imagine our delight when, on Sunday, we opened the paper to discover an entire page had been devoted to the humble carrot. Thanks … [Read more...]

I’m in love with the carrot snowman

Finally the humble carrot has received the attention it deserves. So okay, perhaps I'm a touch biased - my husband spends his working days, talking, selling, growing and connecting with carrots. We were very excited when we discovered the final Masterchef challenge in last night's Grand Final was a dish which featured the carrot at its heart (quite literally). Not sure about … [Read more...]