Young farmers forging their own path

When Aimee Young’s mum urged her to sell the last cow she was keeping on the family farm, she had no idea the business venture that would follow. “I’d moved to Brisbane seven years before and had one cow left on mum’s property,” explains Aimee. “She’d been nagging me to get rid of it.” Aimee took the cow to the sales but the prices were so bad she decided it made more sense … [Read more...]

Get to know your local cattle farmer

  Before Husband I was pretty clueless about where my food came from and how it was produced. I rarely gave thought to the hardworking people responsible for growing the lettuce for my salad, breeding the beef for my bolognaise sauce or the chook farmers behind my constant supply of eggs. After Husband, I can't help but think about food production. Much of our livelihood … [Read more...]