It’s time for THE talk. S.E.X. Already?

It was an ambush plain and simple. There we were, enjoying a lazy Sunday on the couch. Quality family time and all that. Mr Bean and I were reading books. The youngest was diligently doing his word revision and the eldest, who I have to nag ad nauseam to read finally conceded and picked up a book. But not just any book, he opened his school DICKtionary ... as he likes … [Read more...]

We love you so much we bought you a foot scrubber

Mother's Day is approaching and in our house that means one thing - me being hit up for cash to buy my present from the school Mum Day stall. The conversation goes something like this. Them: Mum we need some money but we can't tell you why but it's a good thing. Me: Go ask your father. Them: Dad we need some money to buy mum a present from the Mother's Day … [Read more...]

Aye Aye Captain

By the time you read this I'll have gone sailing. Imagine that gorgeous couple is us - Mr Bean and I - strolling lovingly through the clear waters of the Whitsundays. I'll be looking dazzling in my white cossie, he'll be smiling gracefully as he carries my feather light body through the water. Actually the reality may be far more scary. You see we've hired a yacht … [Read more...]

Say no to painting and play dough

I'm not one of those mums who loves painting and play dough with her children. Nor am I one who savours those looooonnngg hours sitting at the park watching them play. Sorry, I know it's not very PC of me to admit this but admit it I will. Tell me I'm not alone in this. There's heaps of bits of parenting that I adore. Lots of it makes me laugh, but there's parts of … [Read more...]

Christmas is coming (as is my meltdown)

Today marks the start of the countdown. Zero days until school holidays for Alex. Seven days until holidays for James. 25 days until Christmas. It's meltdown central here - both the boys and me. Tiredness is to blame. As is sugar (not to parents: NO MORE CANDY CANES). And scheduling. I am turning into a scheduling ninja as I try to co-ordinate pesky old work with … [Read more...]