Christmas is coming (as is my meltdown)

Today marks the start of the countdown. Zero days until school holidays for Alex. Seven days until holidays for James. 25 days until Christmas. It's meltdown central here - both the boys and me. Tiredness is to blame. As is sugar (not to parents: NO MORE CANDY CANES). And scheduling. I am turning into a scheduling ninja as I try to co-ordinate pesky old work with … [Read more...]

Smile Santa, you’re on candid camera!

'Mum I’ve been thinking.' Yes dear. 'I’m going to install some security cameras just so I have proof that Santa exists.' Umm. Okaayyy. Help! This is a real conversation, as exchanged between my son (aged 7) and me last week. He’s been building up to the camera installation for a few weeks now. First he wanted to know who REALLY eats the cookies and drinks the milk. ‘Is … [Read more...]