Dear Santa, I want

THE countdown to Christmas is on and if your house is anything like mine, you’re probably being serenaded by a daily song of, ‘And I want this, and I want this, and I want this.’ My little consumers are mercenary at the best of times but come the festive season their 'I want-o-meter' kicks up a gear. About two months out the thick, colourful toy catalogues arrive and I know … [Read more...]

All I want for Christmas

My five-year-old has just informed me that for Christmas he wants a new Holden SS Commodore. It's one of three cars he's circled in today's Cars Guide. Let's not even begin to analyse the fact that I've apparently bred a Hoden-driving revhead. Where did I go wrong? … [Read more...]

Give it up for the Swiss Army Wife

WHEN I agreed to marry Mr Bean his friend gave me a poem. Not typical behaviour for farmers who aren't known for being all warm and fuzzy, much less for reading and writing poetry. But rather than be an airy-fairy ode to love, this poem was a warning ... of what I had agreed to enter into. Can't find the poem now, but the general gist was farmer's wives must be ready … [Read more...]