Meet the Adams Family – you probably eat their salad

You may not know their name but chances are you’ve eaten their salad. Belinda Adams and her husband Paul are the farmers behind many of the herbs and loose leaf salads you buy at the supermarket. They run their Coastal Hydroponics business on the Gold Coast and supply basil to all of the Coles Queensland stores, as well as a range of other herbs and mixed lettuce and baby … [Read more...]

Meet Australia’s lettuce king

Think you know your lettuce? You've got nothing on Gatton farmer Matt Hood. Each year his family business, Rugby Farm, is responsible for growing about 20-million Iceberg lettuce. You’ve probably enjoyed his lettuce on your hamburger; in your sandwich; or in your salad. Matt, his brother Dan and father David are major suppliers of lettuce, sweet corn and green beans to Coles … [Read more...]

This dairy farmer is going it alone

Much has been written about the troubles plaguing the Australian dairy industry. Since the introduction of $1/litre milk in supermarkets, dairy farmers have been going to the wall, unable to remain viable with such low paybacks for their product. The chainstores continue to say they are not responsible for this and that their cheap milk price is not to blame because … [Read more...]

Beetroot. Is it an old person’s food?

Since marrying a vegetable farmer I've come to view vegetables in a whole new light. They used to be some colourful things I added to meals because I knew they were good for me. Now I spend many many hours of my life talking and thinking about veg and how we can market them, make them more appealing and educate consumers to understand and care about them and where they come … [Read more...]

Prices are down. Sales are up.

Have you been buying Coles' super cheap specials? You're not alone. In the week since the Super Specials were introduced, sales have grown by 886pc in some categories, proving that when it comes to our fresh food price - not necessarily quality - is king. Coles Head of Communications, Jon Church, says the campaign was proving popular with customers and had helped to sell … [Read more...]