Growers make generous deposits

WHEN you go shopping do you leave the mis-shapen, ugly and slightly damaged fruit and vegetables on the shelf? Do you only select the perfectly round, brightly-coloured oranges? Will you only eat straight carrots? If a banana has a few black marks on its skin do you walk on by? If you answered 'Yes' to these questions then you're not alone. We're a fickle bunch of … [Read more...]

Fresh sales down, frozen & canned up

AUSTRALIANS ate less fresh fruit and vegetables this year than last year, with volume down six per cent, but more households bought frozen and canned products. Insights from Nielsen’s Homescan panel in Australia show that 32,000 less households bought fresh fruit this year relative to last year and 16,000 fewer households bought fresh vegetables. But the number of households … [Read more...]

Qld tatties now in store, go get ’em

The Queensland potato season has started. Lovely, fresh, crunchy, delicious QLD potatoes are now on shelves in produce sections everywhere. Here's how I announced the start of the season on my FB.   Here's how Coles announced the arrival of QLD tatties in today's paper. Publicity ... it's all about message delivery. Now tell me, who's got the best … [Read more...]

Sowing the seeds of social media

This is the article I wrote for Queensland Country Life about why food producers should be on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. I've convinced my vegetable farmer husband to enter this brave new world (follow him @Farmer_Dick), will I convince you? Modern-day farming may use the latest technology available in the paddock but many have been slow to embrace the … [Read more...]

Coles, Curtis and me … heaven

Mr Bean and I had a bit of a lover's tiff the other night. He's a sensitive soul is Mr Bean. There we were lazing about on the couch (as we do most nights) watching tele when on came one of those great new Coles ads. You know the ones they're all about cooking dinner for $10, the ones that feature Curtis Stone (sigh!). I mentioned, just casually you know, how I'd cook … [Read more...]