Jamie’s toughest customers at home

I don't know about you but I find nothing more soul destroying than having the meal I've slaved over for hours (well at least 30 minutes), pushed to the side by my ungrateful sons. 'Ewww, I don't like this,' James declares, without even touching it. 'I want a peanut butter sandwich.' Over the past year I've taken steps to lift my game in the kitchen ... and if I'm honest … [Read more...]

Are you predictable in the kitchen?

Today is Wednesday, which means tonight you’re probably serving the family risotto. It’s a great mid-week option. Tomorrow you’ll probably do a stir-fry, or maybe some Mexican, before the day I like to call ‘Forget about it Friday’. As in forget about cooking, shall we get pizza? New research reveals we mums and dads are horribly boring when it comes to cooking for the … [Read more...]

Thermomix: beaten only by Curtis

My foodie porn fantasy dream is to have the delicious Curtis Stone on tap in my kitchen, 24/7. Just for cooking purposes you understand. But in lieu of the lovely Curtis I have the next best thing. I call her my magical miracle machine … Thermie for short. She’s sleek yet solid, dependable and efficient – a quiet achiever. Since her arrival in my kitchen nearly a year ago … [Read more...]

Cooking with the Naked Chef

I can't cook ... not well anyway. Sure I can do the basics - boiled eggs, beans on toast, pizzas etc but if you asked me to cater a dinner party for adults I would struggle. So when I was invited to take a cooking class with the Naked Chef himself - Mr Jamie Oliver - I said 'Yes' quicker than you can take the cover off a frozen dinner. My husband Mr Bean was a happy man, … [Read more...]

With love from one foodie to another

Farmers are many things but one thing is certain - they're passionate about their food. Why else would they rise early, work weekends and into the night growing fresh food. So it's always nice when a farmer meets someone who shares their passion. This week we were visited by a group of young Australian chefs, waiters and restaurateurs. They're finalists in the Electrolux … [Read more...]