Greg sees his future in the tea leaves

I love a good cup of tea. Rich, strong, slightly fruity - there's nothing better. I've been drinking tea for years but have never really stopped to consider where it's grown, or how it's grown. I've certainly never bothered to spare a thought for the people who grow it ... until now. A few weeks ago I interviewed tea farmer Greg Nicholas for my Ask a Farmer Column which … [Read more...]

Picking a good apple

Farmers are often portrayed as being a few stubbies short of a six pack. Slow, bumpkins, whingers ... and a host of other stereotypes. I recently interviewed a Queensland apple producer who puts paid to such criticism. He's a man who doesn't fit any of those stereotypes. His name is Will Thompson and he runs Lerinda Apples at Stanthorpe. Will's journey to apple growing … [Read more...]

Good news about Aussie garlic

Earlier this year I interviewed a well-known Australian chef, who is regularly seen on television. When he discovered I was married to a vegetable farmer we started talking Aussie vegetables. Then the conversation turned to Australian garlic. He said he couldn't understand the high prices it sold for and felt it was extortion (my words not his but that was his … [Read more...]

Our food future

I'm always banging on about food and where it comes from. Until I met my husband I had no idea how my food was produced and nor did I give it any thought. I just blindly turned up to the supermarket each week and loaded up on my favourites. It's not until you become involved in farming that you realise just how much effort is involved in producing a regular supply of … [Read more...]

This little piggy went to market

I'm one of those people who can't think about what she's eating as she eats it. If someone starts talking about little baby cows as I'm tucking into veal saltimbocca, well that's the end of dinner. Just can't eat another mouthful. It's a good thing I married a vegetable farmer and not a beef or sheep farmer because we'd be very broke if I had. All those little cows and sheep … [Read more...]