Are you predictable in the kitchen?

Today is Wednesday, which means tonight you’re probably serving the family risotto. It’s a great mid-week option. Tomorrow you’ll probably do a stir-fry, or maybe some Mexican, before the day I like to call ‘Forget about it Friday’. As in forget about cooking, shall we get pizza? New research reveals we mums and dads are horribly boring when it comes to cooking for the … [Read more...]

Coles, Curtis and me … heaven

Mr Bean and I had a bit of a lover's tiff the other night. He's a sensitive soul is Mr Bean. There we were lazing about on the couch (as we do most nights) watching tele when on came one of those great new Coles ads. You know the ones they're all about cooking dinner for $10, the ones that feature Curtis Stone (sigh!). I mentioned, just casually you know, how I'd cook … [Read more...]

Only in the country

You know you're in the country when you're asked to write a story about award-winning sausages. Since having kids I've come to revere and admire the humble snag ... it's been a lifesaver to me many a night as the clock strikes 5pm, the kids are screaming and I'm thinking 'What the F*&^%$3 do I give them for dinner'. … [Read more...]

Why did I bother?

Do you ever wonder why you bother? I do, all the time. I'm usually struck with this thought around 5pm ... dinnertime. In the hours leading up to feeding time I've been slaving over a hot stove, cooking up a delicious and nutritious feast for my little darlings. Actually that's not entirely true - in the minutes leading up to 5pm I usually can be found sifting through the … [Read more...]

Gold Coast Mums in Profile

If you're a Gold Coast mum with something interesting to say I'd really love to hear from you. Each Thursday in the Gold Coast Bulletin I profile a Coast mum and her take on a range of issues. I want to know everything, from how you keep it all together, to what you're serving for dinner, to the best bits of being a mum. If you'd like to participate please answer the … [Read more...]