Carrot picking joy

The look of pure joy is hard to top. Young and old, it doesn’t matter, everyone’s faces tell the same story. They’re having fun, old-fashioned, simple, out in the sun, fun. No gadgets, no new world technology, no high-speed, gut-churning rides … this fun is all down to carrots. Seriously. Last weekend, in a carrot paddock 100km southwest of Brisbane, 800 people … [Read more...]

Landline celebrates the mighty carrot

We've just hosted our third Kalfresh Carrot Field Day, an event which started as a bit of experiment to see if carrot eaters were interested in coming to see how the orange veg is grown, picked, washed and packed. The first year we held the open day, as part of our local Council's Eat Local Week activities, we were pleasantly surprised by the turnout. The following year … [Read more...]

Revealed! Carrot growing secrets

In the 10 years I've been married to a carrot farmer I have lost count of the number of wonky carrot photographs I've been sent - unsolicited - from friends and colleagues. Their motivation is to share photographic evidence of their carrot-growing attempts. Two-headed carrots, wonky carrots, stunted carrots, kissing carrots, spooning carrots - I've seen them … [Read more...]

Are you stronger than a Deere?

After carrots and onions, the next favourite topic of conversation here at Bean HQ is tractors. So when someone suggested we be part of a Tractor Pull at the upcoming Scenic Rim Winter Harvest Festival the answer was a resounding and enthusiastic YES! The Winter Harvest Festival is being held on June 29 at the Aratula Community Centre and will be a real celebration of all … [Read more...]

Pick your own carrots

Ever wondered how we grow great carrots? Can't get yours to grow straight? Sick of producing deformed stumpy veg? If you answered 'Yes' then put this date in your diary - Sunday July 1. That's the day we'll be hosting the Kalfresh Kalbar Carrot Field Day. From 9am to 1pm visitors can come and see the carrots in the paddock, meet some of the Kalfresh growers - ask them … [Read more...]