Moving focuses mind on what matters

I’M writing this column from my home office crammed with boxes. Those boxes are bulging with the work and memories of the past 12 years of my life. We moved house on Saturday. There’s nothing like a big shift to focus your mind on the passing of time; on how quickly the years fly by; on how much life changes year to year. We arrived to this house the month prior to … [Read more...]

It’s time for THE talk. S.E.X. Already?

It was an ambush plain and simple. There we were, enjoying a lazy Sunday on the couch. Quality family time and all that. Mr Bean and I were reading books. The youngest was diligently doing his word revision and the eldest, who I have to nag ad nauseam to read finally conceded and picked up a book. But not just any book, he opened his school DICKtionary ... as he likes … [Read more...]

Be proactive about your fertility

Before I had children I just assumed falling pregnant would be easy. For so many women their early 20s are spent focusing on career and NOT falling pregnant. So when the time comes to start a family it's rather shocking when it doesn't happen easily. I still remember the first time I fell pregnant. It happened very easily and quickly. We told EVERYONE. Sadly it ended in … [Read more...]

How do you know when your family is complete?

Some people know exactly how big their family will be. 'Four kids - two girls, two boys,' - they declare. 'One will be enough for me,' say others. Of course life doesn't always go according to plan and what we want and what we get are often miles apart. Pre-kids I had no idea how many I’d like. Keen to hedge my bets, I suggested, ‘Let’s see how we go with … [Read more...]