My son the prodigy

Like many new parents I was convinced my child was gifted. More so than yours. And yours. And even yours I’m afraid. Yes really. Was it in his genes? Was it good fortune? Was it something I ate in the nine months prior? We’ll never know. All I know is that his ability to stack blocks was far superior to the rest of the crèche. So when the time came to enrol him in school I … [Read more...]

Buy why mummy? Ask your father.

It’s not until you parent a four-year-old that you discover how bad your general knowledge is. As your child enters the ‘But why’ age, you’ll be asked to explain everything from why the peanut butter toast always falls face down; to why water is wet; and why dinosaurs don’t live in Southport anymore. Personally speaking, I found the year between four and five grueling, … [Read more...]

Are you predictable in the kitchen?

Today is Wednesday, which means tonight you’re probably serving the family risotto. It’s a great mid-week option. Tomorrow you’ll probably do a stir-fry, or maybe some Mexican, before the day I like to call ‘Forget about it Friday’. As in forget about cooking, shall we get pizza? New research reveals we mums and dads are horribly boring when it comes to cooking for the … [Read more...]

Danger: I’m driving with the kids

So you’ve been driving a car for 15 years. You can reverse park with just one hand on the steering wheel and you’ve still got your no claim bonus. Big deal. Try driving with children in the back and then come talk to me. I reckon all driving tests should be conducted with two screaming kids in the backseat because if you can avoid crashing under those circumstances you’ll be … [Read more...]

Daddy daycare not always reliable

I wrote this a few weeks ago for the Gold Coast Bulletin. I thank my husband for the inspiration. Sleeping on the job ...  it's a sackable offence isn't it? Intruders had ransacked my living room. I’d only been gone 90 minutes and it was a disaster zone. Lego EVERYWHERE. Clothes and shoes had been thrown around the lounge room. Blankets too. What were they looking for? My … [Read more...]