Please tell me I'm not the only mum who reads her childcare bill and has a brain explosion? I've been doing this childcare caper for six years now and I'm still no clearer. I wrote about my confusion for the Family Matters Page, which appears every Wednesday in the Gold Coast Bulletin. This is what I wrote. I’ve just opened my quarterly child care rebate statement and the … [Read more...]

He said what?!

There we were, seated around the dinner table – a textbook picture of a content, happy family. Then he dropped the bomb … the f-bomb. Our youngest was nattering away to himself, Spiderman this, Ironman that, Bionicle this, Dinosaur that when … in between mouthfuls and to no one in particular … he said: ‘It’s F*&^ing.’ Silence. We were in shock. His brother laughed. His … [Read more...]

Parenting 101: Never negotiate

  My new parenting column, Family Matters, started in the Gold Coast Bulletin yesterday. This is what I wrote about my boys. My six-year-old made a pre-emptive strike from his precarious position teetering on top of a chair in the kitchen. ‘Mum whatever you think I’m doing, I’m not.’ So if I thought you were raiding my pantry at 5.45am I would be wrong? ‘Yes … [Read more...]