Why are our priorities so askew?

Do you ever line up at the supermarket checkout and have a sticky beak at what other people are buying? I do. All the time. I also loiter around the fruit and vegetable section, just observing how people go about choosing what they'll buy. Call it a farmer's wife occupational hazard. What often irks me is how much processed, high-sugar, pre-packaged, 'convenience' … [Read more...]

Michelle, the Achacha and me

Last night I tried a new fruit. For the first time in my 38 years I ate a pomegranate. What have I been doing with my life, I wondered as I crunched into the sweet but sour beads of yumminess. When it comes to food it's so easy to become trapped into the 'same old same old' routine. Sausages and salad Monday night, grilled chicken and veggies Tuesday night, Mexican … [Read more...]

Meet our Young Farmer of the Year

Here's  story close the heart of my husband - and I suspect many Aussie blokes. Nigel Corish was recently named Australian Young Farmer of the Year. As well as growing thousands of hectares of cotton he also grows the barley used to make some of the Australia's more popular beers. Find out more about Nigel and his approach to farming in today's Sunday Mail. The … [Read more...]

Cotton gamble pays off for Rogans

Given the hot Queensland climate, I try to buy 100 per cent cotton clothes where I can. But I've never really given much thought to how cotton is grown. I did have an insight into the enormous size of the industry when I made a quick visit to Cubbie Station with Mr Bean back in our courting days (I was keen). The place is massive. Recently I interviewed St George cotton … [Read more...]