If I were a carrot …

Have you ever wondered what happens to your food before it reaches your fridge? Or is it just me who does that? A large part of my life is spent writing about the paddock to plate journey and how food and other life essentials make it to us.  It's something we at Kalfresh have been keen to illustrate  so our customers can understand - and hopefully appreciate - what goes … [Read more...]

Healthy, natural sugar bombs

When I see blueberries in the supermarket or the fruit shop I'm torn. I know my kids love them, I know they're good for them but I also see that they're quite expensive. Well expensive in fruit terms but not really if I compare the price to say two take-away coffees, a slice of cake at my favourite cafe, a ride on a public bus, the price of electricity, the price of water, the … [Read more...]

How do they grow?

Come and join us on June 29 for our Carrot Field Day. Meet the farmers, learn how to grow great carrots, sit in the tractors and get muddy in the paddocks as you pick your own carrots. It's a great morning out for families. The cost is $5 for adults or $10 for a family and includes a bag of carrots. Our Field Day runs from 9am to noon at Kalfresh, which is on the … [Read more...]

Are you stronger than a Deere?

After carrots and onions, the next favourite topic of conversation here at Bean HQ is tractors. So when someone suggested we be part of a Tractor Pull at the upcoming Scenic Rim Winter Harvest Festival the answer was a resounding and enthusiastic YES! The Winter Harvest Festival is being held on June 29 at the Aratula Community Centre and will be a real celebration of all … [Read more...]

It’s an apple, but not as you know it

This weekend my Sunday Mail Ask a Farmer interview is with a husband and wife farming team who grow custard apples on the Sunshine Coast. This odd-looking fruit is sweet and creamy on the inside and green and heart-shaped on the outside. The early varieties were all hand pollinated. That meant the farmer had to collect the pollen by hand in the afternoon and walk back … [Read more...]