Motto of a farmer’s wife: Be prepared for anything

There's a bit of an insider joke among farmers’ wives that when you marry a farmer be prepared to turn your hand to anything. Irrigating, tractor repairing, planting, drenching, smoko, book-keeping, school teaching, delivery driving … these are just some of the jobs a farmers’ wife may be called upon to do. I’ve been married to a vegetable farmer for the past 11 years and … [Read more...]

Marry the man, marry the land

When you marry a farmer you, by default, marry his job. Such is the all-encompassing nature of farming, often it's left to the farmer's wife to tie up loose ends. Balance the books, organise casual staff, help move an irrigator (or irritator depending on how you see them), drive a tractor, pick up spare parts, help in the shearing shed. It's all fair game on the … [Read more...]