Life’s sweet: Ben swaps schoolroom for pineapple patch

Which is more challenging – working with a room of school children or with Mother Nature? Pineapple farmer, Ben Clifton, has done both and says: ‘Both have their challenges.’ This Yeppoon farmer started his professional life as a physical education teacher but when he married the daughter of a pineapple farmer Ben knew what he must do. It was a sweet decision, easy to make … [Read more...]

Farm to fork at Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show

The Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show 'plates up' (sorry couldn't resist) from tomorrow, serving you an awesome opportunity to meet some of Queensland's best farmers. I love good food who but let's be honest, without the farmers where would we be? Farmers across the country are seizing control of their own destiny and choosing to market and sell their own products. After … [Read more...]

Meet Australia’s lettuce king

Think you know your lettuce? You've got nothing on Gatton farmer Matt Hood. Each year his family business, Rugby Farm, is responsible for growing about 20-million Iceberg lettuce. You’ve probably enjoyed his lettuce on your hamburger; in your sandwich; or in your salad. Matt, his brother Dan and father David are major suppliers of lettuce, sweet corn and green beans to Coles … [Read more...]

Michelle, the Achacha and me

Last night I tried a new fruit. For the first time in my 38 years I ate a pomegranate. What have I been doing with my life, I wondered as I crunched into the sweet but sour beads of yumminess. When it comes to food it's so easy to become trapped into the 'same old same old' routine. Sausages and salad Monday night, grilled chicken and veggies Tuesday night, Mexican … [Read more...]

Healthy, natural sugar bombs

When I see blueberries in the supermarket or the fruit shop I'm torn. I know my kids love them, I know they're good for them but I also see that they're quite expensive. Well expensive in fruit terms but not really if I compare the price to say two take-away coffees, a slice of cake at my favourite cafe, a ride on a public bus, the price of electricity, the price of water, the … [Read more...]