Are you stronger than a Deere?

After carrots and onions, the next favourite topic of conversation here at Bean HQ is tractors. So when someone suggested we be part of a Tractor Pull at the upcoming Scenic Rim Winter Harvest Festival the answer was a resounding and enthusiastic YES! The Winter Harvest Festival is being held on June 29 at the Aratula Community Centre and will be a real celebration of all … [Read more...]

Mum & Dad retreat (from the kids)

Last week Mr Bean and I celebrated nine years of wedded bliss. Well most of it has been blissful, some of it not so much. I'm thinking in particular of the past few weeks that he's been unable to walk or drive due to this motorbike accident. So the question we faced was, 'How do we celebrate when one of us is unable to walk?' Why we retreat to the hills and eat good food … [Read more...]

It’s an apple, but not as you know it

This weekend my Sunday Mail Ask a Farmer interview is with a husband and wife farming team who grow custard apples on the Sunshine Coast. This odd-looking fruit is sweet and creamy on the inside and green and heart-shaped on the outside. The early varieties were all hand pollinated. That meant the farmer had to collect the pollen by hand in the afternoon and walk back … [Read more...]

Wheatgrass is just the shot

The health world moves in fads. Some fade, some are enduring. Baby wheat looks like it's here to stay. You probably know it as wheatgrass. It's generally sold by the shot (it's not the best tasting thing) and is said to do excellent things for your immune system. That's because the new shoot of wheat is filled with goodies such as chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, … [Read more...]

Jamie’s toughest customers at home

I don't know about you but I find nothing more soul destroying than having the meal I've slaved over for hours (well at least 30 minutes), pushed to the side by my ungrateful sons. 'Ewww, I don't like this,' James declares, without even touching it. 'I want a peanut butter sandwich.' Over the past year I've taken steps to lift my game in the kitchen ... and if I'm honest … [Read more...]