Breaking down misconceptions

Logan food producers are taking their message to Facebook in a bid to overcome misconceptions about how they farm. It’s a common complaint among farmers who operate close to urban sprawl. They say new residents move to the country for the idyllic lifestyle, but don’t fall in love with the reality of farming. There are the early mornings, late nights, noisy machinery, the … [Read more...]

Our food future

I'm always banging on about food and where it comes from. Until I met my husband I had no idea how my food was produced and nor did I give it any thought. I just blindly turned up to the supermarket each week and loaded up on my favourites. It's not until you become involved in farming that you realise just how much effort is involved in producing a regular supply of … [Read more...]

How much is ag worth to Australia?

Ever wondered just how much agriculture is worth to Australia? The farmers behind the Facebook page, Ask an Aussie Farmer, have compiled this great one-page guide, which outlines exactly what is at stake. Its release coincides with a number of stories in the mainstream media, calling for Australians to get behind our food producers and buy Australian, where … [Read more...]

Carrot adventure has appeal

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks here at Bean HQ. Last Sunday, July 1, we held our first ever Carrot Field Day. We invited young and old to come down to the Factory to see how the guys do what they do. Mr Bean, Robert, Michael, Matt and Angus were the tour guides - ready to impart their wisdom about all things carrots.   I had promoted the field day through … [Read more...]

Pick your own carrots

Ever wondered how we grow great carrots? Can't get yours to grow straight? Sick of producing deformed stumpy veg? If you answered 'Yes' then put this date in your diary - Sunday July 1. That's the day we'll be hosting the Kalfresh Kalbar Carrot Field Day. From 9am to 1pm visitors can come and see the carrots in the paddock, meet some of the Kalfresh growers - ask them … [Read more...]