Meet Australia’s lettuce king

Think you know your lettuce? You've got nothing on Gatton farmer Matt Hood. Each year his family business, Rugby Farm, is responsible for growing about 20-million Iceberg lettuce. You’ve probably enjoyed his lettuce on your hamburger; in your sandwich; or in your salad. Matt, his brother Dan and father David are major suppliers of lettuce, sweet corn and green beans to Coles … [Read more...]

All hail for Kale

If you haven't heard about Kale and it's incredible health properties then I'm not sure where you've been these past couple of years. Every time I log onto Facebook or scan Instagram someone has posted a photo of their latest green smoothie, juice or salad which features Kale as the key ingreidient. I was keen to speak to someone who grows Kale and found father and son … [Read more...]

Core message: Farmers Rock

Woolies GM of Fresh Food, Pat McEntee, talks about why Australia is so lucky to have great farmers in this, The Year of the Farmer. Apparently 97 per cent of Woolworths Fresh Produce is sourced from Australian growers. Yee hah! … [Read more...]

How food literate are you?

WE all know that we should eat five serves of fruit and vege every day. You probably know that the bucket of hot chips you're about to gorge aren't great for your cholesterol levels. And there's probably a little voice in your head telling you that your diet lacks fish, fresh fruit and wholegrains. But knowing all this doesn't make you food literate. A Queensland university … [Read more...]

Buy Australian … while you can

A NUMBER of growers in our region will be impacted by Heinz's decision to shut the Brisbane beetroot cannery and take the business overseas to New Zealand. The cannery, by all accounts, is old, outdated and in desperate need of funds. But rather than spend the money foreign-owned Heinz  - which bought the Australian-owned Golden Circle co-op a few years ago - has decided to … [Read more...]