Meet the tattoo artist with no tatts

During our family holiday at the beach recently I took an unofficial watching poll of passers-by. By the end of my half hour of people watching I came to the conclusion I am the only person alive who doesn't have a tattoo. Okay I exaggerate, but seriously body ink is everywhere. And yes I do mean EVERYwhere. I still remember being told years ago by a friend's police officer … [Read more...]

School holiday survival 101

It’s started. As you read this we’re on day eight of the school holidays – just 27 days to go (minus the weekends). Not that I’m counting. My sons are thrilled at the prospect of six weeks off school and kindergarten. I wish I could share their joy. Sadly for me – and many other parents – the extended summer break means six weeks of scheduling hell. My husband and I both … [Read more...]

A moment in time

I interview a lot of mums and when the time comes for me to ask for a supplied photograph the answer is always the same: 'Sorry I have loads of the kids but none of me.' I'm just the same. You'll usually find me behind the camera and subsequently our albums are overflowing with pics of the boys and Mr Bean. Well I say albums ... that was about six years ago. Now my hard … [Read more...]

Ahh holidays …

We're enjoying a well-earned Easter holiday. We've kept it low-key this year, moving from the beach to the pool and back to the beach. Alex has been doing a holiday soccer camp which he's been loving. So much so he signed up for a second week. David Beckham watch out. Mr Bean has spent many hours loitering in the F&V section of various supermarkets, fonding the … [Read more...]

Coffee – the mother of all inventions. Literally.

It’s not until you become a mum that you fully realise the importance of coffee. And when coffee is the only thing between you and sleep deprivation then you know it needs to be great coffee. Miami mum, Stephanie Lawson-Taylor, is a purveyor of wonderful coffee. She’s the creative dynamo behind Canvas at Nobby Beach. This cafe is just around the corner from our holiday unit at … [Read more...]