Dying for a status update

Hands up who has posted a Facebook status update while driving? Sent a text to a friend from behind the wheel? You're not a lone. Apparently 84 per cent of Australians admit to texting and driving. It's so rife that it has a name Intexication. Research reveals driving and texting is as harmful as driving drunk. Yet more and more of us do it and we're setting a terrible … [Read more...]

Heidi helped free friend Peter Greste while establishing wilderness retreat

For 400 days Heidi Ross ran the Free Peter Greste international media campaign. How she did it – and where she did it from – defies most media campaign strategy rule books. The communications hub for the worldwide campaign was Heidi’s 104ha property on the border of the Lamington National Park, in the Gold Coast hinterland. She relies on satellite Internet and admits … [Read more...]

Why are we so mean?

If you've spent any time reading the online comment feeds of news and popular culture websites you'll know that as a society we're growing more outspoken by the minute. But while I'm all for the polite sharing of opinions I'm not a supporter of the relatively  new belief that we're entitled to say anything to anyone, no matter how mean and hurtful it is. If online comments … [Read more...]

G20. Enough already.

Surely I'm not the only Queenslander suffering from G20 overload? The security fences have gone up around Brisbane's 'red zone' and the foreign leaders have started to arrive. I enjoyed an interesting conversation with my sons yesterday afternoon about why the Russian leader Vladimir Putin needed to fly in his own convoy of bullet proof cars. Just as I was silently … [Read more...]

Changing young lives

It's not until you have children that you realise the size of the task before you. Every little thing you say and do helps to shape the young people in your care. Sadly not all children have the equal opportunities and for many reasons thousands of young people find themselves living on the streets. When my mum retired she joined the committee of the Gold Coast Project for … [Read more...]