Why are our priorities so askew?

Do you ever line up at the supermarket checkout and have a sticky beak at what other people are buying? I do. All the time. I also loiter around the fruit and vegetable section, just observing how people go about choosing what they'll buy. Call it a farmer's wife occupational hazard. What often irks me is how much processed, high-sugar, pre-packaged, 'convenience' … [Read more...]

This is real life son

When you’re a mum the worries never stop. One my biggest concerns is ensuring my sons retain their innocence for as long as possible. In our super-connected world it’s a tough ask, particularly when one wrong click on the computer can lead my digital natives to a world of porn, violence and other creepy stuff. The eldest is hassling me for a new computer game – Grand Theft … [Read more...]

Life after school

This time 20 years ago I had just finished school. Forever. Twelve years of education was over and I was about to embark on a new adventure. Equipped with youthful naivety, I was ready to launch myself into the world and seize the opportunities. We'd spent our school years being told anything was possible if we put the effort in. Company CEO, TV show host, marketing … [Read more...]

Mother guilt … how long do you have?

This week I wrote about my mother guilt and how I wished someone had told the child free me to enjoy my worry-free, guilt-free years. A former colleague of mine, Rachael Jansen, is hosting a wellness lunch for mums, asking them to focus on themselves. She's encouraging mums to consider at how their choices about food, work, scheduling and exercise are impacting their lives, … [Read more...]

My son the prodigy

Like many new parents I was convinced my child was gifted. More so than yours. And yours. And even yours I’m afraid. Yes really. Was it in his genes? Was it good fortune? Was it something I ate in the nine months prior? We’ll never know. All I know is that his ability to stack blocks was far superior to the rest of the crèche. So when the time came to enrol him in school I … [Read more...]