Ahh holidays …

We're enjoying a well-earned Easter holiday. We've kept it low-key this year, moving from the beach to the pool and back to the beach. Alex has been doing a holiday soccer camp which he's been loving. So much so he signed up for a second week. David Beckham watch out. Mr Bean has spent many hours loitering in the F&V section of various supermarkets, fonding the … [Read more...]

James does his best Matt Preston

Clearly we've been watching way too much Masterchef in our house. Most conversations with the boys are now referenced back to Masterchef. As in ... 'Look mum I'm making a jus like Gary made on Masterchef, so far I've put in pepper, salt, lemon, chopped carrot, grated dog biscuits and some Milo. Don't worry about the mess mum, it's fun.' Here's a picture of James on holidays … [Read more...]

2010 in review

It's fitting that my 2010 year in review is being written on day three of 2011 - it's been that kind of year. Both hectic and challenging, 2010 often left me feeling a few steps behind the pace. We had a stressful start to 2010 when our youngest son, James, then 2, stopped walking. We gained an intimate and forgettable knowledge of the Queensland Health system. … [Read more...]

How kids’ club saved my sanity

I AM in love. Why didn't I find you sooner? You're the answer to my prayers, the wind beneath my wings ... my one true love. You are the Kids' Club. I'm converted. Never again will we choose a holiday destination that doesn't have one. To the unitiated, it's a place where you can drop you childre and know they will be entertained, cared for and fed while you sun yourself by … [Read more...]

Mummy works because …

I HUNG out with Baby Bean at his new kindy this week. Just checking it out, seeing what he gets up to. After we'd sung the 'good morning' song and presented our show and tell it was time to play (tough life). There we were hanging out at the play dough table when one of his little classmates piped up and asked what I was doing there. Valid question I guess, and as we all … [Read more...]