Man messages are all-revealing

Once a week I sit down and take a stroll through my husband's mobile phone messages. Don't worry, I'm not trying to catch him out. I promise I'm not a crazy, jealous wife. My mobile investigations are a journey of discovery. You see my husband - like many others - ain't great on the communication front. My 'How was your day dear?' is usually met with his tired, 'Not … [Read more...]

Parenting 101: Never negotiate

  My new parenting column, Family Matters, started in the Gold Coast Bulletin yesterday. This is what I wrote about my boys. My six-year-old made a pre-emptive strike from his precarious position teetering on top of a chair in the kitchen. ‘Mum whatever you think I’m doing, I’m not.’ So if I thought you were raiding my pantry at 5.45am I would be wrong? ‘Yes … [Read more...]

Crashed car. Dad did it. Oops.

I'm not really what you'd call a car person. I drive a nice car but ask me a question about what's under the hood and I'd be in trouble. Ummm ... an engine? Fire me questions about the stereo system (six stacker CD, I-pod connectivity, great sound system), or the cup holders (excellent, will hold jumbo coffee cup and 1litre water bottle) and I'm in my element. So when … [Read more...]

The day I met George Clooney

Many years ago, before marriage, children, mortgages and a seemingly endless supply of washing, I had a life. It was a pretty good life too. I used to write about film, tv and clubbing. I lived on the Gold Coast which some might argue is the film, tv and clubbing capital. I met some amazing people - and some not so amazing people. My friends Cath, Ann and I wrote about … [Read more...]

Farmer’s wife knows best, says banker

I've said it before and I'll say it again, when you marry a farmer you marry the farm. Their problems are your problem and you'll find yourself doing jobs you could never imagine. Which is how I've found myself managing the accommodation needs of 100 seasonal farmer workers ...  but that let's not dwell on that delightful challenge today. I recently attended a lunch … [Read more...]